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How Should The Glass Bottles Be Recycled?

For most people, there are more possibilities and occasions for using Food Grade Glass Honey Jar at ordinary times. However, most of the bottles are thrown away after being used once, and then they are broken and cause a great waste of resources. Therefore, Xiao Bian will give you a major introduction to its recycling problems.
First, according to separation recovery
The so-called separation recovery is not simply based on the appearance of the bottle. It refers to the classification of the Glass Wine Bottle according to the melted color after the bottle has been melted after recycling the used bottles. Then, the raw materials in the glass cellar are reconstructed into new bottles.
Second, prototype reuse
The so-called prototype reuse, as its name suggests, can also continue to be used as a container for packaging. The main advantage of doing so is that it can be used twice for waste and greatly reduce the waste of resources.
The above is the main recycling method for glass bottles. After using it, you can refer to the above methods for recycling.

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